How does pitching work?

Pitching is the process by which our writers apply for your writing opportunity. Every time a project is submitted, it is pushed out to our network of pre-selected writers. They formulate a "pitch" for your review, as an application to receive the job. You can then review the pitches as they are submitted and assign a specific writer to work on the project. All of our writers have been carefully pre-screened, eliminating the need to read through writer qualifications and cumbersome rating systems. We've selected pitching as the process for matching writers and assignments because it yields the best results for our clients: fast & efficient. Writers can suggest ideas and detail exactly what points they will cover in the final written copy. This process reduces misunderstandings and enables the writer to meet your expectations.

You can also add more comments for the writer and clarify points they have raised when awarding a pitch (after clicking "Select" in the pitch box).

Hint: you can award several pitches from different writers to get several projects completed simultaneously and save time!

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