How can I make my pitches more attractive to clients?

We've learned that the best way to get awarded for a project is to apply the four following principles:

1. Make the pitch about the topic, not yourself – clients like to choose between content ideas, not similarly looking writer self-promotional bios.
2. In three to five sentences provide a brief outline of what you will cover – this shows that you understood the brief and are able to match the clients expectations.
3. Show your knowledge of the topic by providing personal insights and specific examples of your experience – this shows that you are qualified for the task and builds trust.
4. Do not mention that your work will be original, error-free and timely, as well as your excellent writing and research skills – every writer should offer this as standard!

If you're not 100% about the brief and have questions, it's important to include them in the pitch - never make assumptions. For example you may wish to ask some questions about the intended audience so that you can adopt an appropriate tone of voice in your writing.

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